Having a Gemini as a Child

My daughter Josephine Antoinina (Lizzie) Mojica turned 6 years old on Father’s Day, June 17, 2018. She was born on Father’s Day, June 17, 2012. Her birthday will be on Father’s Day every 6 years. On the night she was born, I drove from Hinesville to Savannah, GA to pick up my husband from the airport. He was coming home after 6 months of being deployed in Afghanistan, for his R&R. At the airport I took a video of him reuniting with Lizzie’s older sister Mia, that we will never forget.

Three hours later, I was in labor. At 12:08am on June 17th, she was born at the birthing center in Savannah. It was a whirlwind, but that’s never much of a surprise to us.

A newborn baby wearing a red knit hat.

From the moment she was born, Josephine had a habit of sticking her tongue out. Not just the tip. All the way. We had named her Josephine Antoinina Mojica as per family tradition after her Papi, José Antonio Mojica. However, as part of the family tradition, she had to have a nickname. Up until he met me, everyone in my husband’s life had always called him Kenny (or Mojica or Mo, once he joined the Army). So, after a month or so we starting calling her Lizzie the lizard and the name stuck.

( As a side-note, her mouth “clicked” often when she breastfed and I always thought it had something to do with her tongue, but she got milk just fine so it wasn’t a big deal. We didn’t find out until she was 2 that she had huge “kissing” tonsils. She had a T&A when she was 3 and never stuck her tongue out after that. )

It never occurred to me before, but being born under the sign of the twins, it is no surprise that this Gemini has two names. She is Josephine and she is Lizzie. She is a dual personality in one cute little girl package.

Not only does Lizzie have two names and two sides to her self, but she shares every single other characteristic with the typical Gemini persona.

Baby wearing cloth diaper and orange Syracuse t-shirt holds a wooden sun toy and smiles at a sport's game.
Even as babies, Geminis are fun-loving little mischief-makers.

#1: She is a scooch! Yes, scooch is word. This picture of her, at 3 years old, having snuck out of bed and snuck into the refrigerator to steal grapes, and then having come to our bedroom door to flagrantly display her scoochiness (because Life really is one big, hilarious joke), is the penultimate picture I have of this child.

little girl has snuck out of bed and snuck into the fridge. She holds a grape up and holds more grapes behind her back.
Lizzie, age 3, El Paso, TX.

#2: The child does love to eat! But most of the time, like your typical Gemini, she has a hard time deciding what she actually feels like eating -_- It is VERY common for Lizzie to leave plates of four different foods out on the table, and then wander away to do something else and never come back. Very unlike her Capricorn sister, who 9 times out of 10 polishes off her plates and puts them in the sink without being asked.

A collage of three pictures. One is a screenshot from a Facebook memory where a baby sitting in a high chair eats scrambled egg. The other two are her as a young child eating kale chips and kiwi.

One day I saw a memory of Lizzie as a baby eating one of her first meals, and made a collage of her gobbling snacks in the present day. Of course, after I took these pictures she left most of the kale chips and most of the kiwi out on the table and left -_-

#3: The most stereotypical thing about Geminis though I think is that they are mischief makers! And boy, do I have a LOT of pictures of Lizzie the scoochy lizard being a scooch! She just wants to try everything once. Twice if she likes it.

Two toddler sisters play in the bathroom sink. One is standing on the sink and drawing on the mirror with soap.
This was one of those days Mama saw what was happening, and pretended it wasn’t happening.
A toddler smears medicated diaper rash cream on her face.
what mama? Medicated diaper rash cream isn’t good for my face?

Yes I screamed when I walked into the room and saw the massacre of barbies on the floor.

A massacre of barbies on the floor. Many have had their hair cut. Scissors and barbie hair are on the floor. One barbie's head has popped off.
luckily MOST of the barbies who got haircuts were not my barbies from the 90s, or I would have freaked.

#4: I’m pretty sure Gemini kids are one of the most apt to experiment with giving themselves a makeover, and a haircut…

A five year old gave herself a haircut.
She told her teacher the next day at school, “I cut my hair but don’t tell my parents!” XP
A five year old gave herself some makeup with a sharpie.
“Look Mama! I have makeup!” (yes, that is sharpie).

#5: Gemini’s are curious, creative folk. They want to try new things all the time, and they will. In school, Lizzie talked constantly during quiet time at class. She was bored and had trouble paying attention. She chewed on her pencils and her shirts. She came home with bad behavior reports about once a week. But she almost always got 100% scores on her work, when she did manage to finish it. At her Kindergarten graduation ceremony, Lizzie’s teachers said of her that every day at school, she always found a way to do an assignment a different way. She was always creating something new. Out of whatever she could get her hands on, and even things she couldn’t: paper, clay, paint, blocks, shapes, cloth, food, thin air, and her imagination.

A school award for "Most Creative" signed by three teachers.

A five year old stretches out a blue butterfly cling toy so that it looks like a bat.
“My butterfly is a bat.”

#6: Gemini kids like to play. And they REALLY like to play pretend. They are commonly attracted to the stage and many end up acting in school plays. Lizzie is melodramatic on an hourly basis. She has meltdowns at the grocery store, in the car, at bedtime, at mealtimes, and in school. She cries a LOT. When she first started school in preschool, almost every day Lizzie would try to go to school in a costume, or a tutu, or something else ridiculous. Now she gets it, but she still balks at the routine of getting up every morning and dressing. When she doesn’t have school, she wears what she wants.

A little girl wearing a tutu, flip flops, and sunglasses plays on a playground.

A little girl wears a homemade Batman costume.
Lizzie LOVES Batman.

#7: Above all, Gemini kids just want to have fun. They are constantly finding ways to have fun. They never stop playing.

Two sisters walking home from the bus stop. One is serious and one is fooling around.
Gemini Lizzie goofing off while walking home from the bus stop with Capricorn big sister Mia.
A little girl playing inside a small box.
Gemini kids almost never stop being silly.
A little girl jumps in a puddle in a parking lot with a beautiful blue sky behind her.
“And the biggest, biggest jump ever!”

#8: They will run away from you. They will give you mini heart attacks every day. They will drive you crazy. They will want to run off on their own and explore. They will be curious. They will get distracted easily by the allure of something new. And when you’re a kid, everything is new, but it is said that Gemini kids never really ever grow up. Just ask the quintessential Gemini, Peter Pan.

Peter Pan

It’s never a boring day with a Gemini!

A little girl kisses the world while she takes a selfie.
Lizzie taking a selfie with my phone and giving “the world” a big smooch.

A little girl wearing snowdants smiles while taking a selfie

Gemini kids are fun-loving and lovable. But boy are they a PITA!

A little girl smiles on a swing on her birthday.
Lizzie on her 6th birthday. July 17, 2018.

Please tell me what you think in the comments! I’d love to hear stories of other Geminis making mischief.






8 thoughts on “Having a Gemini as a Child

  1. Neat!!! Good read. Very refreshing. Love the pics! I lol’d when I read about the Lizzie nickname. Very traditional in the Mojica family indeed 😊


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