Who is a gold millennial?

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post ever!

People have been telling me to blog since I was 15, but I’ve always been afraid that it would turn into just another thing that didn’t work out. I am still afraid. Afraid that it will fall by the wayside of my life and that I won’t do it anymore. Afraid that it will become another of the sundry minutiae of my life that is lucky if it gets put on the one page of my resumé. Afraid that not every blog post will be perfect (they won’t), and that I’ll get caught up obsessing that it has to be.

But if courage is going beyond fear, then I’m going to muster some up and decide to be ok with imperfection. After all, the whole theme of this blog is going to be just that.


After almost 30 years of life on this planet (in this lifetime anyway), I’ve learned a lot of things. Maybe I’m starting a blog today, 15 years after I should have, because I finally feel confident enough that I have something worthwhile to share.

What it all boils down to is that life is friggin hard 99% of the time for 99% of us. We have to make difficult decisions every single day of our lives, and that will never change. What’s the right thing to eat? to wear? to do? to say? the right person to say it to? We won’t always pick the “right” choice. My hope is that this blog will shed a little light on life, and share perspectives from myself and all blog readers who will comment.

Life is Hard.

I’m choosing the theme of Life as a gold millennial because I evolve way too fast to keep up with my career choices, or my hobbies, or even my home, and if I chose to blog about one of them, it would be obsolete by the new year.

So who is a gold millennial? It’s those of us who are part of the millennial generation, but who feel “old school” in a lot of ways. We don’t always see things the same way as our slightly younger millennial peers.

We didn’t get a cell phone til we were 17 and it was a dumb, chunky thing. We went through college without smart phones, if we went to college at all. Facebook was brand new and only open to college students. Maybe we remember Myspace and AOL instant messenger (AIM). We don’t ghost out on jobs. We can make a damn phone call.

We see the world a little differently than everyone 10 years older than us, and everyone 5 years younger. We are old millennials. We are gold millennials.


As a gold millennial myself, I see the world a certain way, shaped by all my life experiences. I plan to share unequivocally in this blog. No holds barred. My stories will be real, and they will be raw.

I will talk about everything that constitutes my life as a gold millennial. Career. Health habits. Relationship. Children. Dreams. Dreams crushed. This is real life.

I look forward to writing more in this blog. I have a list of several dozen blog posts I need to write. I look forward also to hearing feedback and comments from readers about your experiences as well. Thank you for your time spent with me in this virtual space.


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