Having a Capricorn as a Child

On January 5, 2011 at 3:15pm, Mia Bella Mojica was born at a women’s hospital in upstate New York. One of the first things she did was look up into her Papi’s eyes. Instant love.A father holds his newborn daughter while she looks up at him for the first time.We were lucky he was there. 24 hours prior he had been at Camp Casey, the Northernmost camp on the South Korean border, Skyping with me. He was lucky even to have been granted a special leave for the occassion. “The hot flight ran out of room,” he told me. “Oh!” I said, “Just wait for the next one. My due date is still five days away. Please don’t waste money on a commercial flight!” But of course he didn’t listen to me, and of course he shouldn’t have. He bought the commercial flight, which was about $1,000, and flew to New York. When he got off the plane, my father picked him up at the airport because I was already in labor. They met us at the hospital, and about 12 hours later our first beautiful baby girl came into the world, wriggling and screaming and covered in poop.A newborn baby on a scale weighs 7lbs 9.5oz.Mia Bella means “my beautiful” in Italian, and couldn’t be a more appropriate name for our little Capricorn sweetheart.A barefoot little girl holds a stick to the dirt in a backyard in Georgia.I got completely spoiled having a Capricorn as my first child. I actually thought I was just naturally an amazing millennial parent. Ha. Ha ha. Capricorn kids make life easy. If you know anything about Capricorns, you probably know that they are practical, reasonable, decisive, generally serious, and end up in careers like accountant and financial planner, or manager, since their level-headedness makes them good leaders.

A little girl with pigtails holds a sign that reads "When I grow up, I want to be a manager."
It came as no surprise when Mia told her Kindergarten teacher that she wanted to be a manager when she grew up.

But how does this play out in the Capricorn child?A little girl stares at a pair of roller skates stacked on top of each other.#1: Capricorns are focused. What I’ve noticed about my daughter Mia, who is now 7, is that when she comes to a task, she is very focused on it. When I look at old pictures of her, I find countless where she has her brow knit and her eyes scrunched up, thinking hard about the assignment/craft in front of her. It’s a cute look for her.

A little girl concentrates while she paints a pumpkin
Mia, age 5, October 2016, upstate New York.


#2: Capricorns love to learn. Mia LOVES to learn. Loves, loves, loves it. Before the last week of school this year, when I was tucking her in, she said to me, “Mommy, I’m sad. I only have 5 days left of school.” She whimpered a little bit. I promised her we would do crafts and activities to continue her learning in the Summer months. “Yay! Thank you Mommy!” Reassured, she drifted off to sleep.


A girl wearing a lab coat and protective glasses is fascinated by the science of bubbles.
Mia gets excited about learning. She has a real desire to understand how things work.
A girl reads a book titled "Gross Body Jokes"
Mia “engrossed” in a book 😉

#3: Capricorns are conscientious students. On the last day of first grade, I went into the classroom briefly to drop something off with Mia’s teacher, and she told me earnestly that it had been a great year. Then she gave Mia the ultimate compliment when she said, “I wish I had a room full of Mias.”

A girl colors a picture on her first day of school in first grade.
Mia on her first day of 1st grade.

#4: Capricorns thrive in environments of structure and routine. For this reason, a traditional, public school system may be a good choice for a Capricorn child. We had done some homeschooling in the early years, and since Mia loves learning she did love it, but she begged to go to school, and 2 years later is still eager to go to school every single day.

A girl eats cream of wheat and reads a magazine before school.
Mia eating cream of wheat and reading Highlights magazine before school.

#5 Capricorns are appropriate 99% of the time. They are certainly not serious all the time! There is a time and a place for everything. Although she may be naturally much more serious than her Gemini little sister, Mia knows when it’s appropriate to let loose and be a bit ridiculous.

A girl in a booster seat in a car with a coloring book on her lap sticks a pencil in her nose.
… for some reason the fact that this colored pencil fits perfectly inside my nose is the most hilarious thing at the moment.
A girl is excited about receiving a gift while her sister looks on from behind.
Mia is always excited and grateful to receive a gift.
A girl eats cupcake frosting off her hands.
The last day of school feels like a pretty good time to cut loose. All the other students ate their cupcakes modestly, but Mia did this. Mia’s teacher was so surprised she said, “Mia!” but then laughed with the rest of the class.

#6: Capricorns are practical.  It is very common that when Mia draws something, she has to label everything in the picture. Coloring inside the lines has always been important to her. We had a tough time explaining to her that that isn’t something she should be constantly chastising her little Gemini sister about, who by contrast tends to impatiently scribble in the spaces and move on to the next thing. Well, the little Gemini never takes her sister seriously anyway… but Mia takes even coloring seriously. She is always very proud of her work.A girl poses by her artwork on a chalkboard#7: Capricorn are thoughtful and caring. They aren’t ones to be overly romantic, like a Pices,  or overtly care taking, like a Cancer, but they bring a conscious, level-headed approach to their relationships with others.

A letter from a young daughter to her mother that reads "Dear Mommy, I love you so much. I will try to help you." with a drawing of two female stick figures and a tree.
“Dear Mommy, I love you so much. I will try to help you.”

A little girl with golden curls in homemade pajamas holds a baby bunny.#8: Capricorn kids are born grown-up. Ok, they still have some growing up to do, but in all fairness, Capricorn kids really are quite mature. They play, but their play is practical and purposeful. It might be centered around taking care of their little siblings, if they have them. This picture represents my daughters’ personalities perfectly. Little sister Gemini has always been happy to play the role of the “baby” or more frequently, the “kitten.” Mia is the mama cat. Mia always leads play.

A big sister pushes a little sister in a doll stroller.
Mia, age 3, and Lizzie, 22 mos. I swear they do these things just to be cute.

While Gemini little sister is happy dumping out the whole box of legos and arbitrarily creating something never before seen on Earth, big sister Capricorn would much rather follow the booklet, and build something real from the schematics. Things are fun, and cool, when they make sense.

Two little girls play on a play structure in the shape of a butterfly.
“Look mama! I’m a butterfly ON a butterfly!” (and she’s wearing a butterfly shirt!).

Mia likes to dress up, but not nearly as much as her little sister, who can be found in dress up clothes at any given moment of the day, and will often try to go to bed in them. Mia reasonably understands that going to bed in a tutu might be a little bit scratchy. So she’ll put her pajamas on.A girl with gold cat ears and a fishtail braid poses in her new pajamas that say "Instead of sheep count the stars (they are infinite).#9: Capricorn kids don’t love confrontation, but they will engage in it if the subject is important to them to resolve. Mia and Lizzie do break out in a screaming match a few times per week, but it isn’t every day. It has to be something worth fighting for. Naturally, I don’t have any photos of them fighting, but it might sound something like this. #10: Capricorn kids are usually pretty calm. They don’t thrive in environments with a lot of chaos.

A little girl mediates in her carseat in the car.
Living with a little sister Gemini can be overwhelming, and exasperating. Sometimes Mia just needs to chill out, and she takes it upon herself to do so.

#11: Capricorns can be stubborn, just like their totem animal, the sea-goat. When they believe something ought to be done a certain way, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re going to stand their ground, until you give them a good reason not to. I believe this makes them good listeners. As long as you tell a Capricorn child WHY they must do something, they will happily do it. They just need to understand.

The Capricorn glyph is the sea goat.
sea-goat; Capricorn glyph.

Capricorn kids are reliable, responsible, thoughtful, sweet, and stubborn! You are a lucky mama or papa if you have a Capricorn kiddo in your life.

A girl poses
Mia, age 7.5, June 11, 2018.

Let me know what you think in the comments! I would love to hear more stories about Capricorn kids.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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  1. You are an amazing person all around Stace! I love your articles! But, just fyi, you put “Gemini” in the beginning of #7, lol. Just thought you would like to know that!

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