Lilies wake up first.
Blooming their little buds into the sunshine.
They say, “It’s Springtime Mommy! Wake up Mommy!”
Mother Earth sagely nods to children in her sleep,
for every morn is fresh at worst,
to seedlings who will inherit the earth.

“Come onnnn!” says flower to “play with meee!” flower
bend stems down to a babbling brook
stretch petals up to a singing sun
turn blooms about to look
at roly poly loads of fun!

Bells above
and bells below
bluebells in the valley go
around the buttercups dancing across?
green hued grass and blue hued moss
as from the hillsides sent spiraling tight
white hued tufts of dandelion sprites
come to play with the lilies today
in an Adventure Playground bouquet.

Froggy goes “bloop bloop” under the water
Bubbles plip polp to their surface end
Bees buzz
Butterflies flutter
The coqui frogs add in a stutter
Hummingbirds whir about all the hubbub.

“Mommy said no!!”

There will be snows.

But from a self preserved corm grows
Again and again the pretty things
persevering and remembering.

Lilies rise up from the ashes
of their parents holiday,
their roots poised deep, unmoving in the sand of yesterday.

Yet in their stamen they are free.

They smell fresh earth
feel fresh sky
hear grass rustling nearby
taste sweet dew
see colors change
from bright to few.

Dusk draws a curtain on our scene
Crickets set a mood serene
Mommy sings a lullaby
Lilies time to say goodbye.

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