Summertime Fun

aka Summertime Fun in Gerunds 😉

A little girl lays on a driveway next to her chalk art of a tree, sun, cat, and rainbow. Rainbow chalk is spread on the driveway.

Sunday daze and ice cream phase
skipping skipping to the park
waiting there for grandma’s call
watching ants crawl up the wall
crawling crawling never falling
summertime bedtime – it’s not dark!

Listening hearing green leaves breathing
fluttering high up branch by branch
climbing climbing never falling
sharing space with kites marooned
til the branches are cocooned
trying flying free they can’t.

Tinkling bells of bicycles
tinkling giggle of the girls
tires turning following leading
screeching and beseeching
not to leave a sister far behind
riding riding never falling
round and round wheels whir whir whine.

Crunching crunching
cookie munching
picnic in green grass
red canoe is here for you
paddle splash paddle splash
balancing balancing never falling
crystal lake where lines cast.

Little mouse in fairy house
in the garden green sugar pea
seeding weeding soil feeding
growing growing never falling
running from the bee
picking down red tomatoes
pulling up a purple beet
color harvest time to eat.

Chains of clover
and a hill to tumble over
rolling rolling never falling
tire swinging big eyes seeing
clouds above are ships and dragons
ride back up in a squeaky red wagon.

Rocks found sticks found hearts found
treasure lying on the ground
in the puddles all around
jumping jumping never falling
raining rainbows up and down.

Reading in a shady nook
glorious mounds of picture books
pages passing stories stacking
piling piling never falling
time to read and learn and look.

Grandpa makes a camp fire
hot dogs roasted marshmallow s’mores
a twinkle at the wood line-
firefly catching in a jar
story telling smoky smelling
listening listening never falling
asleep until we see the stars.

Every thing glitters in a summer sun
when every day is summertime fun.




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