I Am a Gold Millennial and Writing is My Life

When Stacy invited me to join her creative crusade in building Gold Millennial, I was immediately drawn to the project. I felt like it was an event that had been a long time coming. I have often toyed with the idea of starting up a lifestyle blog, but had never felt like I had the time, resources, or confidence to do so on my own. 

It’s a wonderful thing when creative minds come together. A union of kindred spirits has the power to create amazing things.

A blog that speaks to the truth of the reality we face making our way in the world as older Millennials is something that resonates with me. I believe in real raw writing that rings true with deep emotion authenticity and vulnerability.

The world is a complex place and the journey of life ever-unfolding, ever-twisting, ever-unraveling. I’m only 29 years old and I can honestly say that I’ve faced more than I ever expected to. As a Millennial I’ve been told that my life is easy, that technology and modern comforts mean that I have it better than anyone else who came before. 

Personally, I feel that I cannot judge or compare one person’s journey with another’s. I don’t particularly seek to argue the point when this line of conversation arises. All that I can do is share my story in the words that I write.

The Power of Words

Power of Words.png

I believe that words have power and must be wielded with care. The words we speak, write, and think all have an impact on creating our internal space, rippling out to define the limits of connection and communication we encounter in the outside world. Through words we can build up or break down, move hearts and heal wounds.

I write to seek answers…to sift meaning from the ashes. I have found that in writing about the questions that plague me I often discover an unexpected reservoir of truth and purpose.

All that I long for dwells in the soft space between the lines that are written…the truth of eternity is found etched in the strokes of the pen.

When I write, I write from the heart. I write about the people I love, and the things that I experience. I believe that when we share our experiences, even when writing simply to express ourselves, we have an opportunity to shed light into the darkness of another, and help them move forward with a new perspective.

Through writing I am empowered to bring clarity in the midst of chaos, purpose to pain, and freedom from fear.

Writing is in My Blood

I write because of passion, because of art, I write for the joy of it. I write because it is an inextricable part of me…

The call to write is undeniable…it pulses through my veins and sings to my soul in a haunting melody. In truth, I can’t recall a time that I wasn’t obsessed with the written word. I devoured books by the dozen as a child, and I filled countless notebooks with short stories. When I was ten years old I began writing poetry. After that, the words flowed like a current through me.

Prior to this you read all the wrong kinds of Poetry.Poetry is life. Breath.Emotional essence, spiritual bliss, written truthBeauty and passionVibrating, alive, and thrumming with life-giving healing energy. Release..png

Something powerful happens when I write. The drive to express myself through the written word has always been instinctual…like the words within me have a life and purpose of their own, clamoring within my heart, my mind, my soul, rising up and swirling around in an electric mass of energy and spirit, demanding to be woven, designed, and expressed, breathed out or recorded, voiced to whatever ears are receptive to the message they bear.

I write for many reasons…to give a voice my deepest feelings, to explore the complexities of life, to delve deep into the literary lusciousness of creative expression, to weave words into a tapestry of narrative creation…

Every interaction no matter how small is an opportunity to speak with love.

Always choose love. It costs nothing but a moment of mindfulness and understanding to form words of heartfelt encouragement.

That one mome.png

More than anything…when I write my story in poetry or prose, I write in the hope that the words I express may speak to the heart of another and in some way, shed light, understanding, and hope into whatever journey they face in this life. We heal one another when we share our struggles and our joy.

It’s a pleasure to meet all of you and make my writing debut on Gold Millennial! I look forward to sharing this journey of life as Gold Millennials together. ❤ 

Thank you for reading! If these words touched your heart, please share this so that others may enjoy them as well. I’d love to get to know my fellow Gold Millennials!  What are your defining passions?

8 thoughts on “I Am a Gold Millennial and Writing is My Life

  1. I would like to say that it is truly refreshing to read words that are powerful enough to change the hearts of people. We live in an age of hatred and angst in which a person would rather fight or pull a gun instead of talking and using words to make situations better. Thank you and your fellow writers. Please continue this beautiful work.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Robert, that means a lot to me and my fellow Gold Millennial teammates. Words are indeed my “weapon of choice,” and always will be. I believe that in sharing words we find the power to heal wounds, bridge gaps, bring understanding, and nurture a strong unified community.


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