Big Sister, Finally

It isn’t easy being a millennial parent! Over the past 3 years, our daughter Josephine (Lizzie) has tested our patience daily. It might be because she is a Gemini, or maybe that’s just how she is. Or maybe it’s because she’s always been “the baby.” Whenever she plays with her big sister Mia, she is always the little one, the baby, or the kitten.

Sometimes we all need a little help growing up.

It wasn’t long before Papi and I noticed this trend. So for three years I’ve been telling him that what Lizzie really needs to help her “grow up” is a baby sibling to make her wake up and realize that she is not, in fact, a baby.

Finally – finally that day has come. If you haven’t read our pregnancy announcement take a peek 😉 We planned to present these shirts to the girls and impress upon Lizzie the responsibility that is now upon her. She is going to be a big sister, so we need her to act like one.

Mia, age 7 (left) and Lizzie, age 6 (right). Wearing shirts from One Posh Shop.

It is my hope that over the next 6 months of my pregnancy, this idea will become more and more real to her. She will start to feel less like her big sister’s little sister and more like a big sister herself.

I hope that when her baby sibling is born, she gets involved. I hope she helps dress the baby and hold the baby and play with it when it’s old enough. She will feel like a big girl, because that’s what she is. 

Sharing the Shoes

Mia is a big sister again. She is already a pro. She’s been a big sister basically her entire life, and it might be because she is a Capricorn, but honestly she’s always been a natural at it. Since her little sister was born, Mia has been snuggling her and pushing her swing and just always being there for her.

Now it is Lizzie’s turn to be there for someone younger than her. It’s really a new concept for her, and one I really don’t think she’s going to understand until her baby sibling is at least a year old. But I am so happy for her, because this is just what she needs. A total mind shift. And she’s lucky, because she has Mia to guide her.

And Mia should! There is nothing simple or boring about being a big sister “again.” It means that now she has the fun of modeling big sister behavior for Lizzie, who is stepping into her sister’s shoes just as she steps into her hand-me-downs every day in real life. 

A pair of worn, black, little girl's shoes in size 1 on a woven carpet.

The shoes might be worn out from hundreds of hours of running through playground gravel and skipping to recess and hopping between all the cracks in the sidewalk, but they are comfy, and they are beautiful. They were Mia’s favorite shoes.

And soon they will be Lizzie’s. Because she is a big sister, finally.


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