Their Eyes

The older we become the faster the world spins.
Some remain young at heart,
young in mind, personality, and spirit…

Others grow old and wise before their time.
Lines of wisdom and traces of sorrow
do not mar the smooth cheek,
seen instead in the eyes.

Old souls dwelling in young frames…
Like a new race…a new species.
Life has set them apart from the others.

What secrets of life and love can be seen
in the depths of their eyes…
So wise but oh so weary,
fated to remain till their borrowed transports retire forever.

They say little but look with eyes
which speak as loudly as a clanging bell,
the message they share far more fervent and profound.

Rarely understood, they roam the earth
quietly slipping in and out of people’s lives,
giving what help they can through the sincere truth…
The message of their eyes.

They will forever roam.
Forever giving all they know and have learned…
Through the mystery of their ever-wise eyes.

Thank you for reading! What words speak to your soul?

2 thoughts on “Their Eyes

  1. I am one of those souls, of whom you speak. I am taking a respite from wandering, for two more years and some odd months, until I reach age 70, though summers are grist for some meandering here and there. I do, however, tend to weave in and out of other people’s lives.

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