The Gold Millennial Book Club!

Angela, Mia, and I have been hard at work behind the scenes to bring you a new, interactive program we are proud to launch. October 1st begins the Gold Millennial Book Club. Each month we will read a different book, discuss it at the end of the month via a Facebook Live Stream, and follow up with our highlights from the book club discussion in a collaborative blog post.

Our book choices will be both fiction and nonfiction, and will bring to light the panoply of struggles and triumphs of our generation. GM reads will be uplifting, thought-provoking, and insightful. They will not just speak of our generation, they will speak to it.

Here at Gold Millennial, we are working towards building an engaged community of like-minded millennials. What better way than to engage in thoughtful literary discourse? This book club will be just one of many ways we will get to know each other, brainstorm together, and empower each other to live fulfilling lives.

Let’s go deep. Let’s unearth the wisdom of the ages for our age. Let’s hear the powerful voices of the great authors of our time. Let’s turn their insights into our inspiration. Let’s read together.

If this speaks to you, then stay tuned! Later this week we will announce our very first GM read for the Gold Millennial book club.

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