Let’s Read Leaders Eat Last!

Hello Gold Millennials!

On Monday we announced that we will be launching a Gold Millennial book club! Today we are excited to share the first book with everyone: Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek.

Why Leaders Eat Last?

As an avid Sinek follower, it only makes sense to talk about WHY this book is such a must-read for Millennials. Our generation is all about seeking purpose, supporting their fellow man, and championing true emotional intelligence in all areas of life.

Simon is well known for advocating statistically proven, evidence-based methods that support leading with love, and the successful quest for living with purpose, (or in his own words, finding our WHY). After his extremely popular video The Millennial Question went viral, he is also well-known for being the empathetic champion of the Millennial generation in and out of the workplace.

So many of us Millennials struggle to feel safe, happy, and fulfilled at work. Simon’s book has the key towards revolutionizing workplace culture. He believes it is a human right that we all love what we do and who we work with. It all starts with understanding true leadership.

Our Inspiration

Here’s just a few reasons why we are excited to have Leaders Eat Last as our first Gold Millennial book:


I first read Leaders Eat Last a year ago. I had read Simon’s other books, “Start With Why,” and “Find Your Why,” and was moved by his unshakable optimism, deep empathy and compassion for Millennials, and inspiring ability to change the world.

Simon’s words resonate with me on so many levels. He has a purity of heart and spirit that is rare in the business world, and loving leadership is something that is truly lacking. After countless layoffs for both myself and my husband, Simon paints an evidence-based picture of a business world that not only thrives but excels by nurturing intimate relationships, supporting employee growth, and understanding that the true leaders of the world are servants. When it comes to success, together is better.

I’m excited to spread Sinek’s message of truth, trust, and teamwork with our generation, and infuse hope and true leadership into our view of work and the world.


“I’ve wanted to read this book on recommendation from both Angela and a few other people I know. I follow Simon Sinek’s social media posts, and like what he says. Social skills are becoming more and more important in the workplace and that’s not something anyone learns at school – we need to do research on our own to make sure we are always improving.”


“I wasn’t motivated to read the book until I found myself complaining to my husband every night after work about the poor leadership and utter lack of teamwork I had to endure at both the juice bar and the school. I would always list to him everything I would have done differently.

Being in a subordinate position I couldn’t do anything about it, and it was frustrating. I have always thought that leadership was intuitive, but seeing crappy leadership play out first hand made me realize that it’s not.

After being a pawn of misguided leadership myself, I am more motivated than ever to learn about leadership theory and encourage others to understand it as well.”

Together is Better

Why do we want to read this together with our Gold Millennial family? Because together is better! If we want to change the world, we need to understand how to lead, and empowering and connecting leadership in the Millennial generation is a driving force for all that we do here at Gold Millennial. We want this to be a family of like-minded leaders. What better way to begin than to read, learn, and grow together?

Get the book today by clicking on this link and join us in our first book club! Click here to join us officially in the Facebook event. We’re looking forward to it!

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