Cleaning Caddies

Last week, I got tired of my excuses, and decided to do something about them once and for all. Of course, I am talking about my excuses to get out of cleaning the bathrooms.

Clean the bathroom. Doesn’t this phrase just fill you to the brim with joy? I know it’s not the most fun chore in the house, which is why I designed a way to make it just a little bit more fun, and maybe while we’re at it a little more efficient too.

One of my biggest reasons for putting off cleaning the bathrooms has always been that all of the bathroom cleaning supplies were scattered throughout our three bathrooms, and some items were under the kitchen sink. If you only have one bathroom in your house, you probably don’t have this problem.

To solve this problem, I decided to put together three separate “cleaning caddies” with identical cleaning supplies in them. They would be movable for ease of cleaning around the bathroom itself, but would otherwise be stationary in their respective rooms.

cleaning supplies in three colored baskets

To begin this project, I purchased these three plastic baskets from Amazon. On my next trip to the grocery store, I bought the following:

When I got home, I opened all the packages and laid everything out. I located three white rags I already had at home. And then, because no cleaning kit would be complete without some pieces of old ripped-up white t-shirt, I brought some scraps of that over too.

In each kit, I put the following:

  • one sponge holder
  • one sponge
  • one scrubber
  • one rag
  • one scrap of old tshirt
  • one microfiber towel
  • one bathroom cleaner
  • one glass cleaner
  • one pair of gloves
  • one roll of paper towels
  • one duster
The contents of one cleaning caddy kit

The grout & tile scrubber went into the kit that will be in the master bathroom, because that is where it’s needed most.

In order to affix the sponge holders to the plastic baskets, I removed the suction cups, fit one suction cup in one hole, attached the sponge holder, and then fit the other suction cup through the next hole and squeezed the other side of the sponge holder onto it.

a white sponge in a sponge holder attached to a plastic basket

I did not feel the need to add toilet bowl cleaning solutions to these kits. I already have this Scotch Brite disposable toilet scrubber cleaning system in our downstairs bathroom, and this Clorox ToiletWand for the upstairs bathrooms. I am going to get one more system so that we can have one in every bathroom, and I won’t even have to move the upstairs one between those two.

a toilet bowl cleaning system
Clorox ToiletWand

With the kits all put together, it was time to put them to the test! My 7 year-old daughter was excited to try out her new purple gloves, so I gave her a cleaning caddy and she set to work on the downstairs bathroom.

little girl cleaning bathroom
Mia had fun dusting the cabinet above the toilet with the Swiffer duster.

She used the sponge and bathroom cleaner for the toilet and sink, then the rag to wipe up the leftover foam. She used the microfiber towel and glass cleaner to clean the mirror and sink faucet. It is quite fun to shine things up with a microfiber towel.

So far I have cleaned all three bathrooms with all three kits, and I have to say that having all the supplies neatly packaged and on-hand for me almost made the task a pleasure. I think we can all agree that while it may not be fun to actually clean the bathrooms, it is satisfying to finish up and have a sparkling clean bathroom before you.

After putting our cleaning caddies to the test, my only comment is that it might have been nice to have a little dustpan in each one, like this cute Full Circle mini brush and dustpan set. I have one I will add to one caddy, and plan to buy two more for the other caddies over time.


I am working on the area under our kitchen sink. So far I like that I have one container for clean rags, t-shirt scraps, and microfiber towels, and then another container next to it for the dirties.


Do you think a cleaning caddy would help you have more fun cleaning the bathroom? What else do you think I could add to my cleaning caddies to make them even more useful?

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