I Am a Hurricane

written August 29, 2017

I am a hurricane
and my eye sees
what it can seize upon the sea,
far beyond me.

I am a hurricane,
raw element, pure.
Like a diamond from coal
kicked up
by the fire in my soul.

I am a hurricane,
intent upon destruction
but not without intention.

I am a hurricane.
When I create, I conflate, then inflate.
All is chaos,
but a beautiful flower
spirals our around me.
And new flowers bloom at my feet.

I am a hurricane.
Content to be me.
I am all I need
and all I need
will set me free.

Eventually I will dissipate,
when I burn my soul out.
But my mark upon the world
will have shredded all doubt-

I am who I am
yet I must confess,
my own obliteration
was ultimate happiness.

Because I didn’t stay in the sea
because I didn’t belong there
I trusted my heart and my water and my air.

I came to the land
and I ravaged and I blew.
Without knowing why,
I came, and I knew.

This was the right place.
This was the right time.
To stand in my power
and cross the line.

As I crossed the line
I crossed my heart
but my eye stayed open
even as I stood apart.

“TOGETHER!” The wind howled
And all four elements rose at MY command –
water, air, fire, and earth
“Together at last!” we rejoiced
with mirth.

“Together forever…”
echoed into the night
as I closed my eye
and blew out of sight.

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