The Engagement of Gaia & The North Wind By a Maple Tree

Dawn awakens the world with a now muted glow, announcing an alliance made in nocturnal repose
between Mother Earth and the North Wind who doth blow. Half frozen dew coats her fingers and toes.
She knows how this is going to go.
So she blushes.
Scarlet red, orange, and gold.
Frost will be her petticoat.
Her gown will be snow.

Her marriage will be a magnificent affair with gold ribbons dancing
through crisp, chilly air,
and a pulse keeping up the tempo of Fall with the drop-drop of acorns

and a goose’s farewell call.

It’s a time to prepare
a time to wind down
a time for hickory nuts to be found
brought as wedding gifts, offerings to her knees

hid in the ground with the burrows of bees

Some will be forgotten and grow into trees.

She readies.
She drapes
her autumnal cloak
upon the glittering hills.
Shedding every vestige
of the year her mem’ry fills
with color and with life that’s always there
hidden ‘neath a green campaign of Summer’s gentle care.

Like Persephone she choose to descend into the heart but this isn’t the end-
it’s the start.

Like a curtain the white blanket falls upon her now. Bare and dormant in the nuptial bed,
does she fear what lies ahead?

The energy of autumn surrenders to the cold. Today a beauty to behold;
Tomorrow gone, it’s story told.

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