It is a sad thing to lose yourself
Buffeted about by the winds of change
aimlessly drifting at the whim of the breath of earthly forces,
unable to ground, detached from the core of life.

Flow…go with the flow they say…
Funny thing about life,
so many people beg for a roadmap.

Others rebel against the divine truth of the universe
and claim what will be will be…

Such a dangerous thing to float mindlessly,
 passively through your days,
accepting what comes without thought or discernment…

It is true our story is not our own
 but we are not puppets dancing to some unheard mystical tune.

The choice remains ours
to trod paths of pain and darkness
or roads of righteous blessing.

Lessons come, seasons change, the earth turns,
and bones grow older…but the wise know that
the secret of life lies in alignment.

No intention of our own will can prosper
and yet life must be lived intentionally…

Every uttered word bears power.
Power to shackle and bind, to release and uplift,
to embrace or push away, hurt or heal…

There are no casual words…thought or spoken,
words are sacred bonds…who and what are you aligned with?
What spirit do you serve? 

Do your words reflect the beauty of your true design?
Or do they grate, false empty utterances of the faithless?

Those who live in alignment know their roots.
Firmly grounded in the living word, unmoved by the storms.

Through their seasons and circumstances shift and change
they are impervious to the chaotic fluctuations of environment.

Harmony of the self,
deep mindful state of eternal balance,
spiritual source of purpose peace and passion…Alignment.

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