A Brief Account of a STEM Student’s History as a Writer

As Angela and Stacy have both posted about why they write, I figure I should do so as well. I’ve been writing since I was a child. I was always very imaginative and writing allowed me a way to document some of the many stories I would imagine. Of course, I don’t claim that I was a particularly gifted writer all the way back in elementary school – my early writings were filled with what you would expect from a child. I started to further hone my craft during middle school, when my talent for writing was recognized for the first time. I continued to write in high school – short stories, essays, poems, songs – and fell into majoring in English in college.

Throughout college, I took a variety of literature and creative writing classes. I also tried to volunteer with various student-geared writing efforts. I shared poetry with friends and began freelancing.

I found freelancing to be a ton of fun. I absolutely love learning about new things and freelancing allowed me to explore a variety of different subjects per the directions of my clients. Plus, I was getting paid to do something I love! Working with my freelance clients also allowed me to take on roles that centered on editing and social media. I discovered that I really enjoyed editing and tried to focus more of my work on that. I still freelance today, but for a time I decided that I wanted to pursue a more stable career.

I started looking into technical editing and writing jobs. I’ve always enjoyed learning about technology and, at that time in my life, I was drawn to pursuing a salaried position with benefits. I had the privilege of working for a major technology company and, later, a successful engineering firm.

My writing and editing experience has truly been across the board – web content, social media, procedure manuals, poetry, regulatory documents, short stories, press releases, proposals, technical documentation, and more.

So, if I have so much experience as a writer and editor, then how did I end up in the CTO position at Gold Millennial? While I enjoy writing, I’ve also been drawn to technology, as I mentioned above. I’m currently pursuing a graduate degree in a STEM field and I look forward to sharing more about my journey towards a more technical career path.

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