Free Kids’ Valentine’s Day Crossword Puzzle

We’ve partnered with to bring you a fun, free worksheet today! Click the links below to view the pdfs and print copies for your kids.



Kids will love practicing their spelling words with this fun Valentine printable. For more spelling activities like this, head to

My girls loved this puzzle. They are 8 and 6 years old and it took them about 40 minutes to do it together. They completed it on two separate occasions of 20 minutes each.

Mia (8) (left) and Lizzie (6) (right) draw pictures on their finished crosswords.

When Mia and Lizzie came downstairs and saw the blank puzzles out on the table, they literally jumped up and down in excitement and couldn’t wait to get started. Um, can Mama borrow some of that energy please?

I do a lot of activities and worksheets with my girls so I was surprised when they told me that this was the first time we had ever done a crossword puzzle. They’re right! I never thought about it before, but crosswords are a fantastic way for young learners to learn how to spell words.

Not surprisingly, their favorite words were chocolate and rose.

Mia went kind of crazy on her paper when she was done!
Lizzie is very particular about her handwriting. She erased her answers and was going to rewrite them again. But she is also highly distractible…

They needed a lot of help spelling chocolate. They found out quickly that the other across answers didn’t fit when they spelled “chocolate” wrong. Papi helped them understand how to spell it by sounding out the word slowly in Spanish: chaw-CO-la-TAY.

They also needed help spelling cupid and February. All of the other answers they were proud to fill in themselves.

Hard at work!

We found this worksheet to be a perfect level of challenge for our first and second grade learners. I think that kids ages 5-10 would be able to do this and have a lot of fun with it.

And because it’s holiday-themed with such fun words, I think it felt much more like a game to the girls than a tedious spelling worksheet. Which is truly brilliant. I see lots more crossword puzzles from in our future!

On the site there are crossword puzzles for every holiday, season, syllabic sounds, and lots of themes. Here is another Valentine crossword puzzle. You can even make your own crossword puzzle. I feel like this tool would be especially useful for lists of spelling words from school your child needs to practice.


You can also find lots of other Valentine’s Day resources on for more fun learning opportunities over the next two weeks. There are even homemade Valentine’s cards you can print out and have your child color and cut. Class Valentines – done!

Let us know in the comments how your kiddos liked this fun Valentine’s Day Crossword Puzzle ❤


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