About Us


Stacy is the founder and CEO of Gold Millennial. She lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and 2 daughters. She grew up in upstate New York and majored in English at Boston University in 2009. She enjoys writing, reading, crafting, hiking Colorado mountains, snacks, and spending time with her family. In 2016 Stacy appeared with her family on the reality TV show Tiny House Nation, Season 4 episode 16, which you can watch for $2 on Amazon.



Angela Russo

Angela is the CMO of Gold Millennial. She lives in Schenectady with her husband. Although she was born in upstate New York she grew up in southwest Florida and majored in English Literature and Culture studies at Florida Gulf Coast University. She enjoys reading, poetry, singing, tabletop gaming, all things Nerd, and spending quality time with her loved ones. She has been a passionate Lyme Warrior since 2015, and has a collection of her poetic and philosophical creative works available to read on Medium.




Mia is the CTO of Gold Millennial. She lives in Houston with her husband and pets. She grew up in Florida and has a Bachelor of Arts in English. She enjoys cooking, reading, hiking, exercising, learning new languages on Duolingo, and traveling.