DIY Placenta Encapsulation

DISCLAIMER: This post contains images of a real placenta and blood. There are many benefits to placentophagy, or the act of consuming one's own placenta postpartum. Clinical trials have not been published yet, but anecdotal evidence suggests that a placenta may nourish a mama after birth in many ways. It may replenish iron deficiencies, support … Continue reading DIY Placenta Encapsulation

Happy Valentine’s Day

It might sounds silly, but I love Valentine’s Day almost as much as I love Halloween. I’d say it comes in at a close second. My closest friends and family have felt the effects of my love for this Hallmark holiday since 2016.  That year, and every year since, I have created a Valentine’s Day … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day

Free Kids’ Valentine’s Day Crossword Puzzle

We've partnered with to bring you a fun, free worksheet today! Click the links below to view the pdfs and print copies for your kids. crossword_spelling_valentines crossword_spelling_valentines_answers Kids will love practicing their spelling words with this fun Valentine printable. For more spelling activities like this, head to My girls loved this puzzle. They … Continue reading Free Kids’ Valentine’s Day Crossword Puzzle

Gold Millennials and Makeup – A Roundtable Discussion

Welcome to our first roundtable discussion! In these discussions, the three core team members of Gold Millennial will share their views on various topics of millennial interest and occasionally invite guest speakers to participate. Our first topic is makeup and skincare. What is your daily skincare routine? StacyI really don't have one.  I have been … Continue reading Gold Millennials and Makeup – A Roundtable Discussion

Discovering Life as a Millennial Woman Gamer

Video Games. Millennials are arguably the first generation to come of age with consoles and cords cluttering up their living rooms. We love Nintendo nostalgia – Mario, Pokémon, Zelda. Well, many Millennials, not all. Not every family had enough money to purchase consoles or computers and a lot of grown women report that growing up, … Continue reading Discovering Life as a Millennial Woman Gamer