Discovering Life as a Millennial Woman Gamer

Video Games. Millennials are arguably the first generation to come of age with consoles and cords cluttering up their living rooms. We love Nintendo nostalgia – Mario, Pokémon, Zelda. Well, many Millennials, not all. Not every family had enough money to purchase consoles or computers and a lot of grown women report that growing up, … Continue reading Discovering Life as a Millennial Woman Gamer

The Lost Arts and Skills of Our Generation

From driving a stick shift to interpersonal communication, the millennial generation seems to be a turning point towards automated "efficiencies" thanks to the advent of new technologies. In our generation alone, we saw a shift from Walkmans to Discmans to iPods, and now even iPods have become just as archaic as pagers. And so many other … Continue reading The Lost Arts and Skills of Our Generation

Shedding the Mask of Unworthiness

Millennial woman leaning against a wall with a large eye painted on it next to a giant cracked mask

One of the many common themes of my conversations revolve around worthiness. There is definitely an epidemic of low self-worth amongst Millennials, and personally I struggle with unworthiness every single day. We're all asking the same question: “Who am I and what is my purpose in life?” This has prompted deep reflections about examining the roots … Continue reading Shedding the Mask of Unworthiness