We Are Moving!

Since September, my husband José and I have been playing with the silly little idea of moving back to New York. By November, the little idea was no longer so little, or so silly. It had begun to dominate our pillow talk. It was obvious that my waxing pregnancy had quite a - pardon the … Continue reading We Are Moving!

The Millennial Thinking Man

Today I'd like to share a picture that my husband drew. I call it "The Millennial Thinking Man." I love all the details. It makes me think a million different thoughts. José thinks he is not an artist but I beg to differ! I can only draw stick figures. He was able to capture a … Continue reading The Millennial Thinking Man

7 Things I Learned About Healthy Boundaries in 2018

Millennial woman silhouette at sunset with hair blowing in the wind

In this first Monday of 2019, I look back on the past year and think about all that has transpired. At the beginning of 2018 my intention was to make it the year of a self-worth crusade. Ironically I learned this lesson by allowing myself to be used, manipulated, controlled, devalued, and discarded by a … Continue reading 7 Things I Learned About Healthy Boundaries in 2018