How To DIY Birth: baby girl birth story 2/12/19

Our new baby girl was born early this morning! We are so deeply in love with her. No she does not have a name yet. I am so happy that we had a free birth; that we were at home just me and my husband and our new little one. Everything that happened and the … Continue reading How To DIY Birth: baby girl birth story 2/12/19

Our Family Command Center

A few months ago I stumbled upon fellow blogger Mallory's blog post about her Family Command Center. I had never heard of such a magical thing before, and was immediately sucked down the rabbit hole Pinteresting the crap out of "family command center." In fact you can check out some of the pins I saved to … Continue reading Our Family Command Center

The Wrong Kind of Butter

Like many wives/mommies in charge of Christmas, as I wrote in my monthly column Millennial Musings over at Align Body and Soul, I've been keeping the cookie jar stocked with fresh-baked, home-made Christmas cookies. 'Tis the season. I've been using Earth Balance from our standard 45 oz container (my family can't seem to live with … Continue reading The Wrong Kind of Butter