My Colossal Collection of Crazy Stories

My daughters were fascinated the other night when I told them the story of the day I left a rather large pot with a bit of oil in it on the stove in our house in Georgia. I had intended on making popcorn but after I set it up I became impatient waiting for the … Continue reading My Colossal Collection of Crazy Stories


It is a sad thing to lose yourself Buffeted about by the winds of change aimlessly drifting at the whim of the breath of earthly forces, unable to ground, detached from the core of life. Flow…go with the flow they say… Funny thing about life, so many people beg for a roadmap. Others rebel against … Continue reading Alignment

Shedding the Mask of Unworthiness

Millennial woman leaning against a wall with a large eye painted on it next to a giant cracked mask

One of the many common themes of my conversations revolve around worthiness. There is definitely an epidemic of low self-worth amongst Millennials, and personally I struggle with unworthiness every single day. We're all asking the same question: “Who am I and what is my purpose in life?” This has prompted deep reflections about examining the roots … Continue reading Shedding the Mask of Unworthiness